Working as a Welding Inspector

Welding itself is a rewarding career, but there’s more to it than honing your skills. Welders have to learn and practice for a long time to draw good, stable lines but even so, every system needs its checks and balances to make sure the work is done correctly. Because welders often work on building up important infrastructure, it’s vital that their welds meet the building codes and regulations in whichever industry someone works. Enter the Welding Inspector. This is a job that keeps our welding work in line! Want to learn more about this career?


It’s up to a Welding Inspector to make sure that each weld on a job is structurally sound, according to the project. Their job involves making sure there are no visible or invisible defects or irregularities that could compromise a weld. Taking a look at each weld is one way to find out if there are potential issues, but some problems can occur below the surface. In this case, the Welding Inspector would use another method such as ultrasonic, radiographic, surface crack detection, or a destructive method to make sure the work was done well.


As you may have guessed, an important component for this job is to have welding experience under your belt. In addition, you’ll also need some formal education to help get you into this field. Because a lot of professional welders took this route instead of pursuing college, there are ways to test into the qualification by relying on your years of welding work. But whether you have formal education or not, an exam is required to make sure you’re well equipped to handle the rigors of this work. If you’re interested in pursuing this career or simply in need of some high-quality welding supplies, we’d love to talk! Stop by your local Sidney Lee Welding Supply anytime!