Women Welders Continue to Inspire

Welding is one of those careers that seem to be male dominated, yet when you peer under the hood, you see inspiring evidence that suggests the tide may turn. Remember that our nation’s Navy was bolted together by Rosie the Riveter during World War II? Our future could be female, too. As the best place to buy welding equipment in Georgia, Sidney Lee Welding Supply salutes our women welders.


At the technical colleges that feed our industry with personnel, there is a steady push for more women in welding. If you look up ‘women in the trades’ you will be able to read many stories of women picking up the torch and welding just like their grandmothers did.

One such present-day case study comes from Melissa Gillespie Davis, a union welder who has decided to upgrade her already respectable career in the trades. After more than two decades as a professional welder, she has enrolled at a technical school with the goal of becoming a welding instructor. In this case, an Associates Degree in welding technology will equip her with the expertise in welding equipment that she needs to teach the youth – of any gender – how to weld America’s future.


Melissa began as an industrial artist, capturing the finesse of women welders on her canvasses. She learned the fundamentals of welding from her father, then practiced at a test lab. She was clever enough with just this background to get certified in the use of welding equipment for stick, pipefitting, and TIG. In other words, she became employable as a welder. Later, joining a union let her stabilize her pay compared to her male colleagues. Basically she is the Renaissance Woman of Welding: with her brush she documents the history of women welders, with her torch she becomes one of the finest, and with her degree will become an educator of the future women welders of the world. If you are inspired to join Melissa and learn how to use welding equipment in Georgia, why don’t you stop by one of Sidney Lee Welding Supply’s convenient locations across the Atlanta, GA region and get what you need to weld today.