Women Keep on Welding

As a reader of this blog, you know we are big advocates for increasing the numbers of women in the trades, especially those who learn how to use welding equipment. So we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co are overjoyed this month to see women in welding getting the attention they deserve, with two recent articles in Forbes leading the way. Titles like “How To Ace College And A Career With No Student Debt: A Millennial’s Story,” and “Weld Like A Girl: A Millennial Woman’s Success In A Man’s World” graced headlines displayed on computers around the world.

That’s right: the words “TIG welder” were front-and-center in the caption of a major publication. It’s 2019 and everyone wants to weld. The journalist interviewed “Megan,” who told her story of learning to weld out of high school, first for the artistic expression it gave her, and then for the ability to produce quality pieces of fabricated machinery. Pretty cool career move, as most professional welders know.

The article cites a commonly quoted statistic from the US Bureau of Labor that is worth repeating here: welding job numbers are expected to grow six percent by 2026. That might sound minor, but that’s one percent of growth, rather than decline, each year for the next six years. Very few things sound so positive these days. We encourage student welders to keep on truckin’ and learning the ins and outs of TIG and MIG welding so they can stay on top of an increasingly popular field. Whatever their gender, we hope that they can get the educational tools they need (whether at community college, high school shop, or by apprenticeship in the trades).