Women in Welding

Did you know that even though women make up about 51% of the population nationwide, they constitute only 5% of welders, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics? As suppliers of the best welding equipment in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area, we are always enthusiastic about news from the frontier that sounds encouraging on gender diversity in welding.


The journalist who interviewed welder Patrice Frazier, an African-American woman who welds in Minnesota, could not even locate a statistic that drills down on the specific number of black women in welding. Those same stats from the Bureau attest to an 8% population of African-Americans who weld, across all genders. According to Frazier, she spent six entire years welding professionally in New Jersey before she even ran across another lady welder. We at Sidney Lee hope that this amount of time shrinks as the number of women who use welding equipment in GA and elsewhere, keeps increasing.


The theme of women in welding continues as we cast our glance across middle America, where we find an encouraging situation of young women learning to weld. Just this week on a major network news site, there is word of a High School teacher of welding equipment whose classes are bursting full of girls who want to learn their way around arc welders and plasma cutters. He sounds honestly surprised at the sudden increase in interest. But we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in GA take great satisfaction in knowing that the future of our art is safe with a diverse pool of future welders. One of the young women from that High School class even boasted of beating her brother in a weld-off. Helmets off to you, padawan! If you are a welder, a parent of a student welder, or a would-be welder, we have the top-of-the-line welding equipment you need for success at our five stores in Hampton, Douglasville, Macon, Conyers, and Atlanta Georgia.