Women in Welding Continued

Women welders are welcome in our world. Whenever we want to feel inspired about the state of welding in Georgia and beyond, Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. enjoys learning about the rising stars in our field. Thanks to the rise of women’s trade organizations and other support networks, it’s easy for us to track the progress of women in welding, too. One theme we see, and heartily support, is how those intrepid women welders hope that their expertise in operating welding equipment becomes seen as normal, rather than exceptional. We look forward to that day when modern-day Rosies number as many as Robs in the welding workplace.


Women who weld encounter more gas than just welding gases – we’re talking about all that hot air they face from the occasional hot-shot men who think that welding supplies are for the boys.

United Association called the Veterans in Piping (UA VIP) program is an innovative approach to bringing women into the workplace of welding; this one of course has its eyes on bringing returning veterans the tools they need to learn how to become pipefitters. One woman featured on the site mentions that physically, her military training prepared her to do all the work a man can. It’s just the prejudice of the old-school types who judge a woman as soon as they notice their squad diversifying.


One of the newer organizations that we applaud is the Tradeswomen Taskforce. They feature tons of useful welding resources on their site, including a long list of profiles of women who weld. Taking a gander at these profiles of women in welding, we are impressed by the diversity of faces and career paths that lead the women to take up the education and training required to gain expertise in welding equipment. Many of them have already distinguished themselves in prior careers but are excited to gain the economic advantage that welding affords the modern tradesperson.

If you have your sights set on becoming the next forewoman of your welding team, call us at Sidney Lee Welding Supply to get the gear and welding supplies you need in Atlanta, GA.