Women in Welding 2020

Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. in Atlanta, GA salutes the women who brave a male-dominated field to find success with welding equipment. Since it’s been a while, we thought we’d take another look at some of the inspiring women who have inherited Rosie the Riveter’s modern mantle.


They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well it was a broken-down used car that prompted one of our featured women welders to pick up her first welding equipment, a MIG machine from Miller welders. It turns out that she was a natural, and so she decided to up the ante and go back to school to learn from the ground up. Now a certified welding technician, she has enjoyed working with a variety of challenging welding applications from repair to fabrication, from aluminum to stainless steel. Whether it’s a boat or a pipe, she can weld it with the world’s best welding supplies like those available at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. in Atlanta, GA. She’s even applied her technical knowledge to becoming a qualified robotic welding programmer, too.


Another welding woman we can feature here first took up the torch after her seeing her husband repair machinery around their farm. She decided to create new works of art after being bullied by men in the fabrication department of her community college. Not a fair shake in our book, but this negative actually worked out in her favor after all: she turned out to have a flair for the artistic use of welding equipment. After completing her welding certification, she is now a national award-winning artisan welder. Her creations range from animals such as turtles to bona fide welded iron fences. Helmets off to the well-skilled women of welding! As more and more women break through the “stainless steel ceiling” of sexism in this field, we will be proud to see their successes grow. Who knows, one day we may have gender equity in this profession, and in the rest of the world, too.

Until then, we welcome people of all stripes to find the best welding supplies at our five convenient locations in Atlanta, Hampton, Conyers, Macon, and Douglasville, GA.