Women in Welding, 2020 Edition

Welding equipment has long been seen as meant for men, despite that never really being the case! From recent heroines like Rosie the Riveter, to the way-back medieval ladies making nails at the blacksmith’s forge, there has always been some level of gender parity in the world of welding. Of course, we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA are always advocating for more equality in the welding workplace. That is why we are super glad to learn about a local nonprofit called Becoming a Welder that focuses on helping high-school girls learn to weld.


We can’t wait for the holiday rush to be over at our five stores in the Atlanta, GA area, so we can scoot out the door and visit the young welding professionals who make up this great woman-owned organization. We hear you can begin learning to weld cheaply, even by donation! Just imagine the look on students’ faces when their welding teacher isn’t an old geezer, but actually an approachable and fun young artisan. The founder, who is also on the executive board of Atlanta’s chapter of the American Welding Society, says she is “trying to rebrand welding so women understand it is something they can handle physically.” Sounds like this is one great new way to get the students of today to become the expert welding equipment users of tomorrow, in Atlanta, GA no less.


Sign us up for these introductory classes, which aim to empower Georgia’s young and underemployed by putting MIG and TIG welding equipment into their hands—with careful individualized guidance, of course. Employability is the name of their game, one that we whole-heartedly sign on to. Looks like they have in mind students from all walks of life, including the unemployed and even recently incarcerated. Joining cutting-edge programs on the inside that help men and women behind bars learn to drop welding beads on steel bars, this is a winning strategy to increase local employment and create more able-bodied welders. Thank you, more please, from Sidney Lee and the team of expert welders in Macon, Conyers, Douglasville, Hampton, and Atlanta, GA.