Women in Welding

Did you know that historically, metalsmithing wasn’t a male-dominated field? These days, we see many more men in welding than women but this isn’t how things began. Blacksmith forges used to be shared by all and frequently, the fabrication of smaller, finer items such as nails or chain mail, was a specialty reserved for women. Despite this history, women make up less than five percent of the welding workforce today. But the good news is, this is a growing field and we’re attracting more and more diversity every day!


Why are we seeing a rise of women in the welding industry? For many, they already have experience working in industrial trades and decide to pursue welding because of the job growth possibilities. For others without prior experience, the idea of starting down a path such as this with its financial rewards is appealing, despite the difficulties of entering a male-dominated workplace.


However, despite the wonderful opportunities that welding can offer, there are still trials to encounter. Many women report misogyny and sexism in the workplace and deal with the frustrations of encountering these in an isolated sphere. Bud despite these difficulties, some women welders report feeling proud of their success, and explain how they enjoy watching these stereotypes burn away with their skill and perseverance.


At Sidney Lee Welding Supply, we want everyone to feel welcomed to the welding world. It doesn’t matter how you identify; we’re here to offer you the best quality welding supplies you could ask for. Stop in to one of our locations anytime and we’ll be proud to help you get outfitted for your career!