Where Have All the Welders Gone?

Now more than ever, the demand for welders to join our workforce grows. The growth of our cities depends on the building of solid infrastructure, which requires skilled welders who understand how to create strong joins. But as we call out for more and more skilled employees, fewer and fewer are available. According to the American Welding Society, it is estimated that we will see a shortage of greater than 375,000 welding employees by the year 2023. Why are we expecting such a downturn in experienced welders? We discuss it in today’s blog.


Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons the welding community is lacking new members has to do with stigma. The impression that welding is a tough and male-dominated job has the effect of discouraging many women from pursuing this profession. In addition, many students who may have opted for a trade school education in years past are now choosing to pursue a college or university instead, where welding classes are less available. Our society has placed greater and greater importance on getting a four-year degree, despite the fact that this often saddles students with debt and doesn’t necessarily offer more success.


This might surprise you; students who graduate with an associate’s degree in welding technology can frequently start their career making $40,000. When you compare that to the income that many other professions offer, it’s an impressive starting point. And now, because of the higher demand for welders, jobs are more readily available and the possibilities of advancements (and raises!) are even greater.

We think it’s a no-brainer; take up welding for a bright future! If you’d like to talk further or take a look at quality welding supplies to use in your new profession, stop into your nearest Sidney Lee Welding Supply location!