Welding Your World

Welding as a hobby is a great way to create the stuff your family needs. Nowadays with everyone talking about “social distance”, it’s never been a better time for do-it-yourself welding projects at home. If you’re a hobbyist, you can get all the welding equipment you want from Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA.


You remember victory gardens, right? In World War II our grandparents eagerly planted gardens wherever possible, to ensure they had a steady supply of vegetables during scarce seasons of war. As Spring flourishes across Georgia, welders can help their families grow food, too. One easy project is to create a trellis for peas and beans to hang from. Just gather some scrap tubes or narrow beams of non-corrosive metals like aluminum and weld them with your favorite Miller Welder to practice your spot-welding while creating a sturdy structure to support vegetation– and your family. Remember to plant where your veggies will get plenty of sun, and don’t forget to water early and often!


If you find yourself hanging around the house more than usual these days, chances are you will find welding projects in every corner. Maybe you need a railing replaced on your front steps, or a ramp placed for handicap access. Take a look in your garage: is it possible to save a trip to the auto mechanic by taking some basic welding into your own hands? That rust isn’t going to solve itself, but with the right scrap sheet metal and some spot welding (after you use an oxy torch to cut the bad bits away), you’ve got a fun DIY welding project underway! Hobbyist welders can easily look up plans on the internet for projects like these, or just improvise as you go. Just be sure to test your design before anyone elderly uses the newly welded safety feature in your home. As always, start with the best welding equipment available, by calling Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA.