Welding Your Way To Vehicular Bliss

Welding Your Way To Vehicular Bliss

Once you know your way around a welding machine, the sky is the limit for your maintenance and repair projects. You may even find that your professional possibilities break wide open, too. A little skill and creativity combined with products from Miller welders, which you can find in any of Sidney Lee Welding Supply’s five Georgia locations, can turn your hands into a productive powerhouse.


One couple in upstate New York have made it their passion to renovate Airstream trailers. Their front yard looks like whatever the opposite of a junkyard would be: shiny Airstream after shiny Airstream line the driveway. The proprietors of Hudson Valley Airstream have made their career by up-selling these giant tin cans into homes. With Airstreams becoming fashionable for both vehicles and rental homes, these folks started with one model from the 1970s and just kept going. Luckily they know how to operate their welding equipment: even an externally shiny trailer can need deep work within, whether it’s in New York or Georgia. This isn’t just a pop-psychology motto, but also brass tacks truth in the automotive world. Often the floor and structure around the doors will need serious demolition and rebuilding.

Once the flooring, and any pests that may have moved into those interior spaces, have been cleaned and cleared out, the best way to get this done is by knowing how to weld a replacement structure. Then comes the aluminum shell, which can require spot welding fixes when repainting alone won’t do it. Using a plasma cutter or other welding equipment can slice right through this soft metal in order to remove undesirable damaged material. Refer to our previous blog entry about car fix-ups to learn how to do these sort of operations if you don’t already know how.


Maybe you are feeling a little more adventurous and want your welding project to have a little more speed under the hood. In that case you might try your luck at finding a cheap old four wheeler—such as a vintage Jeep like those used by the Postal Service in the 1970s before they shifted to Grummans. If you’re lucky to find one, you shouldn’t have to front more than a few hundred bucks for it. Since the engines were pretty good but with that kind of age there is likely to be a significant amount of rust, you could be in DIY welder’s heaven. With the right flux-core welding machine like one of Sidney Lee’s Miller welders in our Atlanta, GA stores, you can get down to welding 1/8 inch steel as soon as you know how to safely operate your welding equipment.

If you want to be on your way to vehicular bliss but don’t quite know how, just call up the Sidney Lee Welding Supply store closest to your Georgia location, and one of our knowledgeable welding experts can get your welding career on its way.