Welding Women Work Hard

Women in welding: we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co love to see it. Thanks to intrepid American women utilizing welding equipment in Georgia and beyond, women in welding are truly thriving in 2020. We’ve just heard of an organization that supports this valuable sector of welders and we’d love to tell you about it. Latinas Welding Guild was founded recently by an adult welder who grew up in the suburbs and wanted to gather fellow Latina welders together; modern Rosies for a new world. They now offer classes, paid apprenticeships, and public workshops to bond a new generation of ladies together, united by identity and a love for great welding equipment like Miller welders. The Guild has now sponsored three cohorts of women who weld, taught by licensed Welding Inspectors and Instructors. They’ve now passed and graduated a whole group of certified fabricators, welders, and Oxy-Acetylene cutters. Welding helmets off to you, ladies.


The Guild accomplished this impressive goal of employing women in welding within a short time after securing needed funds through donations. They could then give out needed scholarships to low-income students who wanted to enroll in welding education. They report that throughout the pandemic so far, they have remained in-demand as essential workers, so their preparations really did pay off. While so many millions of Americans have filed for unemployment over the spring of 2020, welders, cutters, solderers and brazers have remained in demand to keep our infrastructure repaired and growing. Graduates of the Guild program, based in Indianapolis, have been hired in their communities to repair and create structures as well as to make beautifying community art.


Beyond the educational opportunities that the Guild has created, there is one more valuable commodity that has grown from the seeds of welding education, and that is community. Immigrant women who faced bleak prospects in an especially difficult economy have found hope and togetherness in their welding friendships. We congratulate them on their economic and social success. For the welding supplies in Atlanta GA you need to create welded art of your own, contact Sidney Lee today!