Welding Woes

If you’re a pro, you’ve most likely encountered all of these issues with MIG welding and taken the time to fix them. But if you’re new to welding, it’s important to know that there are many things that can go wrong in the process and setting yourself up for failure is actually a bit easier than you might think! Read on to get some useful MIG welding tips to set you ahead as you learn this trade.


If you’re excited to get started on experiments with your new Miller welding machine from Sidney Lee Welding Supply but you’re not quite sure which settings to use for your weld, it’s time to stop and do some research. It’s a common mistake to set your voltage too high or too low. While it can be helpful to understand what happens when you do this, it’s good to know what causes your bead to shift toward globular or simply not weld at all but sit on the surface. Related to this issue is wire feed speed. If you set your wire feed speed too high or too low, you’ll once again be left with a disappointing and unsuccessful experiment.


Another issue that can create unattractive or unstable welds is the condition of your metal. If you’re using dirty metal to weld, you may get a nasty ring of black soot around your work. What’s makes metal dirty? Anything from grease, grime, and especially rust can interfere with the success of your welding. Do yourself a favor and make sure you’ve inspected your metal thoroughly before including it in your work. Of course, as you’re learning, it’s best to make sure you have quality materials and equipment to help you along the way. Stop by Sidney Lee Welding Supply to get set up for success!