Welding Woes in the News

While we here at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta GA love to keep our words as positive as our knowledge of welding equipment, every so often it can be beneficial to take a look at some problems in the world of welding. Scanning the news, there are certain instances that pop up and show us just how important good quality welding is. Consider the failure of mechanical parts in a consumer device: that product won’t sell, will get a bad reputation, and will probably be recalled or canceled. But what about when a product is out there on the road, mixing with the general population. It best be well-made! From cars to planes, to trains, expert users of welding equipment in GA and beyond make the world safe.


A usual favorite for off-roading enthusiasts, the Jeep Wrangler faced a major setback in consumer confidence in 2018, when it was determined that bad welds had caused certain front track bars to separate from their brackets. In other words, cars could crumble in the middle of a sedate highway drive. Never mind the rough-and-tumble off-roading the Wrangler gets its street cred from! So the FCA inspected thousands of 2018 Jeeps and determined that 4% of them had this issue, which means that bad welding caused many hundreds of cars to be on the loose with potentially loosened wheels. Fortunately, it was caught fairly early and we hope nobody was hurt as a result of this suspension mistake. Let’s all hope automotive companies continue to hire only the most skilled and careful welders and that their welding equipment is well-maintained and designed.

This leads us to another kind of car that depends on quality welding: the train. Similar to the above, a general problem with welding at the frame caused Bombardier was noticed too late. In the case of these trains servicing Toronto’s metro and light rail, bad joints required that the trains were first siloed and fixed up before replacing the older cars on the city’s tracks. Did you know that each train requires the equivalent of a mile of welding? It is still humans that do this work, for the most part, so while that is an awful lot of welding to get done perfectly, our cities depend on the proper use of welding supplies to ensure safe transit for all. For the best welding equipment that will get the job done right, contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA.