Welding With Laserbeams

When you think of welding equipment, your mind probably turns to standard machines like the ones produced by our friends Miller Welders. Arc welders, GMAW, GTAW and more old fashioned kinds of stick welders abound. All of these are great for welding the range of metals that professional welders are out there joining every day, by applying intense bursts of heat to a focused location. What about plastics? How would you go about employing welding equipment, in Georgia and beyond, to join two pieces of plastic? It’s not as dumb an idea as it sounds—as long are you aren’t using a stick welder to do it. In fact, this sort of application is a necessary tool in the welder’s box, if that welder is working in a specialized medical field, for example. It’s all about the laser beams.


Laser beams focus intense energy into very tiny spaces. It’s like the most miniature arc imaginable, with tiny electrons flowing in a thin beam from hi-tech welding equipment. These kinds of welders are helpful in medical, automotive, and other specialized environments. High-end deliverables such as medical devices, especially those utilizing miniature components, may be produced by means of this welding protocol. It’s like eternal glue without the mess of glue.


Another related new-fangled welding supply is the electron beam welder which is used by welders in the automotive, medical, and semiconductor industries. Corporations are hiring skilled technicians of this sort of welding, much as they are hiring welders on all fronts. If you want to get the leg up on your career, learn to operate advanced welding equipment today. For information on how to find the best education in welding, whether for stick or electron based welding equipment, feel free to call Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in the Atlanta, GA region today.