Welding With Laser Beams

When you think about broken ceramics, probably what comes to mind is that last coffee mug you dropped. If it was a treasured heirloom, maybe you used your favorite super glue to piece it together again. But most likely, if it was just a souvenir item, you tossed the ceramic pieces in the garbage and picked up the next one on the shelf. What’s this got to do with welding supplies in Georgia? Researchers have discovered the best new way to reconnect bits of broken ceramic, and you’ve got it – it involves welding equipment! Not your average machine from Miller welders, but a new laser beam that shoots millions of rays a second! 


Using these super-fast pulses of light, scientists can achieve what they call material coupling, AKA welding. What always fascinates us at Sidney Lee Welding Supply is that such a weld is reached without those high temps we average welders are used to. Well, what does it matter? Why doesn’t superglue cut it for all the ceramic coupling we need in life? Science, gentle reader. The medical field is full of really fancy uses for tiny ceramics, but since ceramics are tough to work with once they break, their uses were being curtailed. Now, with these advances in welding equipment, medical welders can foresee a future where nano-ceramic containers with a hermetically welded seal provide a case for whatever tiny medical devices doctors want to implant in a patient’s body. Have you ever tried making a pottery mug, putting a toy radio in it, and firing up your kiln? Of course not – the radio would not survive the mug’s journey into adulthood. With these laser beam welding advances, the medical applications are wide: neuro-transmitting devices directly welded to smooth and strong ceramic cases, for example. As usual, even though we probably won’t stock these items any time soon in our five stores in the Atlanta, GA region, Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. salutes the forward march of scientific progress in the world of welding supplies.