Welding Underwater

Welding is an art that can be undertaken in a variety of environments: from atop a skyscraper, aboard a space station, and even underwater. With the right welding equipment, skilled machinists can join metal under almost any conditions. Contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in the Atlanta, GA area for the tools you need to get the job done wherever your metalworking takes you.


Deep within a chamber enclosed to maintain a dry environment, hyperbaric welding is one way to get the underwater welding done. For deep sea divers and those needing actually ‘wet’ welding, you may be surprised to learn that nothing more exotic than a shielded metal arc welder like those made by Miller welders can get the job done beneath the sea. Just be sure to order waterproof flux for your kit of welding supplies! Even though in this case welding takes place literally underwater, the reaction between the flux and the sparks creates good old carbon dioxide gas, which creates bubbles that further shield the weldment from the flow of surrounding water particles.


As the song goes, under the sea, the welding is better down where it’s wetter… at least if you are welding a ship that’s out at sea, and in need of fast repairs. Other obvious choices that would require underwater welding include anything below the water’s surface that is made of fabricated metals joined together that need to stay together, such as an oil rig or an underwater pipeline. Or a top-secret base that’s just sprung a leak, in which case you don’t have to worry if you have your Miller welding supplies all powered up and ready to operate. Of course, this would require having the necessary wet welding setup that can keep the precious power supply and electronics dry. Or maybe you’ve got a hyperbaric chamber such as a small submarine rover tethered nearby for emergency repairs, complete with a gas tungsten arc welding machine from Miller welders. To problem-solve this and other more likely welding scenarios, don’t be shy. Just contact our experts at any of the five locations of Sidney Lee to find the best welding supplies in the Atlanta, GA area today.