Welding Toys Made at Home

With the recent surges of interest in both welding and tattooing, it was inevitable that this day would come. Some clever folks have figured out that you can convert the laser of a hand-held tattoo removal gun into a functional laser welder. Now, we adamantly do not suggest trying this at home: both laser welders and laser cutters are highly sophisticated pieces of welding equipment that require tightly shielded laser cases. We at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Company prefer— for your sake and ours—that you purchase the highest quality welding equipment, such as that made by Miller welders, from our four convenient locations in the Atlanta, GA region.


Nonetheless, we were pleasantly surprised to see the work one welder accomplished with his homespun machine. With the appropriate safety precautions, naturally, he was able to weld pieces of metal together. All in the scale of micro-welding, which definitely has its industrial uses. With the right know-how, the DIY space of a home welder can indeed become a low-cost machine-shop. Since we are in the business of selling you the best professionally designed welding equipment you can buy, we aren’t going to enumerate the steps you could take yourself to create a micro-welding laser-beam of your own, on this blog. But it sure is interesting if you were to investigate yourself and see the kinds of weldments that can come from reworking the beams originally intended to remove tattoo ink from human skin. Such a thought also gives a moment of pause to the kind of serious pain someone would need to undergo to utilize a laser beam on their body that could otherwise function as a legitimate piece of welding equipment in Georgia.


Have you ever created your own do-it-yourself piece of welding equipment in your Georgia workshop? Maybe you’ve applied your knowledge of welding to expanding your palette of tools the old-fashioned way: through ingenuity and craftiness. We’d love to hear from you and talk shop. Just visit our shop in the town closest to you in Atlanta, GA.