Welding Tech Spotlight: Laser Welding Review

Laser welding continues to shake up the world of welding with its piercing gaze. Focused beams of light sure can cut metal at a frightening clip. Heating a path through any weldment, laser welding equipment is the tool of the future, available to welders today. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. in Atlanta, GA we love technology like laser, which is clean and strong and requires no grinding or polishing after the weld is made. We find its uses are best suited to take the place of TIG or MIG welding machines. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages for this exciting kind of welding equipment in Atlanta, Georgia.


In other posts on our blog, we have detailed the uses of pulsed laser welding systems. The precision of this and other kinds of laser welding are ideal for working with extremely thin sheets of metal and also tiny pieces such as tubes that require extraordinary precision. Bring in the machines, but also hire skilled and trained welding equipment operators for your shop in Atlanta, GA. For sheets thinner than ¼”, even your most skilled hand would need some patience to work that kind of weldment. Laser welding, operated alongside sophisticated robotics and programming, is the key to this kind of welding success. Further, this kind of tech can be scaled back up to also weld the usual thickness of steel – so it truly is a worthwhile investment.


If you asked around at your welding shop, chances are many experienced welders would agree that one of the biggest challenges in welding comes when joining metals of different kinds. Welding aluminum to steel can be done with the right TIG, but what about soft metals like copper to stainless? Or even more exotic blends like titanium and Inconel? Such work would rustle the hand of even the hardiest welder holding a traditional gun. How would you prevent porosity or over-oxidization, or simply getting the pieces to form a strong bond? With laser welding, and its ample pre-programmed “welding recipes” on tap, the robot’s wisdom (and steady hand) is your benefit. If you’re curious about the latest welding technology and want to upgrade your welding supplies in the Atlanta, GA area, just head over to the Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. store nearest to you!