Welding Supplies

We are distributors for the following manufacturers:

  • Smith
  • Metabo
  • Tillman Gloves
  • McKay
  • Jackson
  • Hobart
  • Lincoln
  • Victor
  • Miller
  • Norton Abrasive
  • Fronius
  • Messer

We offer the following products:

  • Abrasives: Sandpaper, Grinding Disks, Flap Wheels, Cutoff Wheels
  • Arc Welding Equipment: Power Sources, Stick, Tip, Mig, Engine-Driven Wire Feeders, Plasma Cutting and Welding Equipment
  • Filler Metals: Aluminum, Mild and Stainless Steels, Hardfacings, Exotic, Electrodes, Solid Wire, Flux Cord Wire, Metal Cord Wire
  • Gasses (In tanks or Bulk Gases): Acetylene (not available in bulk), Argon, CO2, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, mixtures of the above gasses
  • Hand Tools: Clamps, Measuring Tools, Layout Tools, Pipe Tools, Inspection and Scribing Tools
  • Safety Equipment: Gloves, Welding Helmets, Ear and Eye Protection, Respirators, Filters, Leathers and Aprons, Curtains
  • Tig and Mig Torches
  • Torch Equipment: Cutting and Welding Torches, Regulators, Hose, Carts, Fittings
  • Welding Cable