Welding Supplies Checkup: Ensuring Adequate Power

Arc Welding Safely

So you’ve invested in all the best welding equipment you can find in the Atlanta, GA area by sourcing gear from Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co. Next thing you have to keep in mind is the power required to operate your gear, especially if you’re planning to keep several pieces of machinery powered up at the same time. So let’s take a look at this less-exciting but completely necessary factor of the welding workshop.


Energy efficiency is the name of the game when considering the setup of welding equipment at your Georgia worksite. If you’re wise and select machines like Miller welders, you will benefit from their estimated 80% efficiency rating. That means from the plug in the wall to the arc weld on metal, approximately 80% of the energy is maintained for welding output power. According to independent research, this beats the competition by more than 10% on average.


One of the most easily overlooked pieces of welding equipment is actually the electrical cord that connects your Miller welder to the wall unit. Like any welding supply, an electrical cord can be more or less efficient, and more or less suited to your particular work needs. Especially if you are operating multiple electrical machines at once in your workshop, consider these details so your grinder doesn’t stop your welder mid-bead! The motor on your grinder can overheat if resistance is high enough in your electrical cord. Consider utilizing the shortest possible cord that is adequate for your workshop space, to limit unnecessary resistance that builds up along the extra footage of extra-long extension cords. Even something as mundane as the rolled-up cord you don’t require in shop will build up resistance that translates into extra heat, and ultimately, a welding shop liability. Another key variable is the gauge of cord, with thicker gauges adding to weight but beating the heat. So save your grinders, plasma cutters, welders and other valuable welding equipment, and ask the knowledgeable staff at Sidney Lee Welding Supply in Atlanta, GA to ensure you are using the best supplies for your shop.


Our suppliers at Miller Welders have estimated that their latest welding equipment can save you big on electrical costs. At the 650 amp range of product, MIG welders like Miller’s Dimension 652 will take about 17 KW to weld a 1/2” steel plate, while the competition’s product can take nearly 21.5 KW to accomplish the same weld. So by investing in welding supplies from Sidney Lee’s Georgia stores, you will not only get the best prices available but will be saving on electrical costs well down the road. Your business’ success is all about return on investment. For example, if you are operating a three-shift shop year round, then these differences in efficiency can add up to over $1,700 per machine in electrical savings alone! If you are still not convinced, why not head over to the Sidney Lee Welding Supply store nearest to you in the greater Atlanta, GA area and take a spin on the Miller welder that is right for you!