Welding Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a metal that requires certain welding equipment to join effectively. TIG welding supplies are especially favored by tradespeople in the medical industry to get the job done right. If you need a TIG welder, call Sidney Lee Welding Supply in Atlanta, GA to get the best deals on machines like those made by Miller Welders.


Stainless steel is the basis for a lot of medical devices, for the obvious reason that it resists rust and therefore can create clean environments that the health industry requires. Welding stainless means avoiding the corrosion that any beginner welder knows can creep into the process if flux isn’t controlled, or heat is applied at an incorrect level for the metal at hand. As things get more and more precise when the scale shrinks down, your welding technique has to improve too. And even though more and more things are created by robots these days, still a lot of medical welding is done by hands as skilled as a surgeon’s – or more! Medical welds can take place on items thinner than a human hair. This is a far cry from patching up the old Camaro in the driveway. With the increase in skill also comes an increase in oversight such as lab testing all the completed welds, so that the welder doesn’t have to worry about each weld. Evaluation is key.


If you are a student who hopes to use welding equipment in the medical industry, you can start by familiarizing yourself with the TIG welder, inside and out. Learn how to take your torch apart and put it together again. Learn the finer points of tungsten and how to sharpen it for use in your TIG torch. Then get your tacking in order before moving on to welding scraps together. When this becomes intuitive, you can begin more intensive projects. As your precision improves, and you learn how to avoid corrosion and other welding mishaps, you can begin to work on smaller welds with thinner metals. We at Sidney Lee wish you well on your journey, and invite you to browse our fine selection of TIG machines from Miller Welders at our five stores in the Atlanta, GA area.