Welding Spheres

Let’s talk about spheres. Welding spheres has long been an area of challenge and fascination for welders around the world. The more perfectly round all around the intended object is, the more of a technical challenge it poses. With advances in welding technology, this sort of project has gotten more straightforward (if not ‘easier’) to accomplish. Let’s take a look at welded spheres throughout the years. Have you welded a sphere recently? Sidney Lee Welding Supply in the Atlanta, GA region has what you need to get your welding project in motion.


If you know your welding history, chances are you have one famous spherical weld in mind: that’s the Bathysphere. This gigantic, enclosed kind of diving bell submersible was created in the 1930s with the simple intention of giving its makers the chance to look up-close at the wonders under the sea. They found a kind of quartz to use for windows to withstand the deep-sea pressure. Likewise, they had to rely on the best welders available to ensure the two hemispheres of cast iron were sealed well enough to support two human passengers. Talk about heavy duty – these walls were eighteen inches thick! Beebe and Barton are remembered for their skill in design, welding, and survival, but we don’t recommend you try this on your own.


Speaking of trying it on your own, spheres are popular in the DIY and artisan welding communities too, such as the patchwork bricolage of American artist Michael Malpass. Many DIY-welders start this daunting process by finding one of those giant sea buoys, as these are much bigger than any other scavengable spheres you might have lying around the yard. We’re talking about a sphere so big you can sit inside it! From this basis, an experienced welder can form shapes around it and create believably round patterns, weldment after weldment. You can either lay strips of your desired metal, whether aluminum or thin steel, across the dummy sphere, and weld them much like strips of paper on a globe. Or, you can try a more free approach with either patterned or found pieces that together can create the appearance of a sphere, however imperfect, via cutting and grinding. To talk about this idea or for other uses of welding equipment in Atlanta, GA talk to your local experts at Sidney Lee Welding Supply today.