Welding Schools Keep Growing

Have you heard that the Department of Labor predicts there will be hundreds of thousands of welders needed in the workforce by 2026? That’s pretty soon – better get your certification in gear so you can pick up the welding equipment you need and get your career started before it’s too late. As you probably know, careers in welding are solid choices, with wages hovering from well-above minimum wage, on up to six figures for established experts. Luckily there is an increase in funding available for the student of welding, in terms of schools that are investing in offering welding classes. One major source of welding education these days is Lincoln Tech, which actually gets its funding from Miller welders, and not that other welding company that starts with L! Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co is proud to offer you and all student welders the welding supplies you need in Atlanta GA.


Looking ahead to the future, we see how many job openings there will be in the field of welding. This is due to our ever-increasing infrastructure and its construction needs, coupled with the basic fact that lots of expert welders will face retirement in the next decade. That opens up the higher paying upper tier of welding jobs to you, the student welder of today! So take up the torch and get the knowledge and welding equipment you need, from GMAW and TIG welders to the safety equipment, welding gases, and flux materials that let a student become a skilled and able welder.


Metal fabricators will always be in demand, so get the welding supplies you need in hand. From oil rigs to shipbuilding, pipelines to plumbing, our infrastructure and commerce system will require able-bodied and expert welders to construct and repair the basic building blocks of business. Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co has your welding supplies in Hampton, Conyers, Macon, Douglasville, and Atlanta, GA.