Welding Safety Equipment

As a welder, you know you’ve got to have the right gear. Welding supplies such as personal protective equipment make up a standard component of any professional welder’s arsenal. From welding gloves to helmets and visors, to respiration and air filtration equipment, your safety is what guarantees you can return to the line day in and day out, lending your skill to America’s greatest industries including automotive, aerospace, and fabrication.


These days, it seems like everyone, even those who have never picked up a piece of welding equipment, is talking about how to protect themselves with the right personal protective equipment (PPE). Hospitals need them, shoppers want them, and it turns out, giant companies have hoarded them for just this sort of occasion. The good news coming out of boardrooms across the country is that from Facebook to Apple to whomever, philanthropic donations of these PPE caches are coming in at just the right time. We might remind you that if you have a personal stockpile of thousands of N95 masks amongst your welding equipment in Georgia or any state, consider joining the wave of good intentions sweeping the country. Just like your foremother Rosie the Riveter, “join the war effort” in our national common cause. Your neighbors will thank you.


Sidney Lee Welding Supply stocks all your favorite brands of welding supplies in Atlanta, at each of our five convenient locations. We depend on reliable, tried-and-true suppliers like Miller Welders and Hobart for our welding and cutting machines. Our protective gear made by brands you love, like welding helmets by Jackson and welding gloves by Tillman, are the industry standard for practicality and durability. If you are a welding student or new to the trade, you probably have questions. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions, either over the phone or in person at each of our five locations in Hampton, Douglasville, Macon, Conyers, and Atlanta, GA.