Welding Prospects Today

The world is changing rapidly, and Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta GA is here to help you as a student welder meet those challenges head on. On the one hand, there is an ever-increasing likelihood of job openings being there for you when you graduate from your welding education program of choice. According to the American Welding Society, hundreds of thousands of them await young welders in the coming years. Yet, on the other hand, education can be expensive, and with so many options, it can be hard to decide the right route to take on your welding journey. Maybe you were fortunate enough to learn the trade early on and apprentice with a family friend. In that case you might not require a full college course to get your certification. For those of you with an urge to learn how to operate welding equipment with the skills to create a new and hopefully lucrative career, read on.


The present state of welding sounds like a contradiction, but it is in step with the times today. Big business knows it needs welders like you to keep growing and providing skilled professionals to work on infrastructure, maintenance, mechanical trades, pipefitting, and more. All that welding equipment isn’t just going to operate itself (well, not quite yet anyway). Even in a world of full automation, welding experts are still going to be required to supervise the line and oversee the weld-bots. So that’s why we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA are constantly reading the news of this or that expansion of a welding trade school, from Pennsylvania to Ohio to California. Millions of dollars in grant money, government aid, and private investment are flowing into these high-profile projects just so you, the future welder, can get the best education a welder can get.


You know that welding can provide the job for you, but you’ve been watching the millennials rack up debt in four-year colleges and still come up jobless. That fear is legitimate, but fortunately for you, a four-year college degree is not required for welding. Many of the expanding locations in the field are offering courses even briefer than an Associate’s Degree. You can definitely get your start in welding with a nine-month certificate program. Then, you can enter a thirsty market and begin to earn real dollars just out the door. If you later want to up your tech game and go back to school, you’ll have cash in hand (and maybe no debt). If you’ve got questions about how to decide the best path in welding for you, contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Hampton, Douglasville, Conyers, Macon, and Atlanta GA.