Welding Prospects in the New Economy

Wearing your welder’s helmet, sparks flying before your protected eyes, maybe even a ventilator keeping that fresh air flowing, you know your welding equipment keeps you safe and in control. Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co provides the personal protective equipment and other welding supplies in Atlanta GA you need to stay on top of your work and stay healthy too. That’s why during the COVID-19 pandemic we can at least be grateful for our work. More than ever, we welders are grateful for an honest living that actually pays well too. That’s why we will remind you that while the economy sure is shifting, welding remains an excellent path forward for you and anyone else who is worried about their employment opportunities as the ground beneath us transforms economically.


Have you heard the statistic from the American Welding Society? In a few years there could be a shortage of more than 400,000 welders in the American workforce. That means we need as many people as possible to learn to use welding equipment today. Basically, it sounds like if only we could get some of the many unemployed folks to learn how to weld, everyone would be in pretty great shape for the years to come. As you know, welders start with a wage that seems reasonably high these days, and with a sky’s the limit sort of growth potential, it’s an encouraging path to start down. And remember, it is ever possible to learn how to weld without getting much in debt like one often needs to in order to complete a four-year college program.


With our natural taste for personal protective gear like vented hoods from Miller welders, our profession is suited to keep on being productive. With the right combination of automation and isolation, folks with welding equipment can keep American running. So, wear a helmet and pick up your favorite welding torch and work the weldment of your dreams this summer in Georgia. For the welding supplies you need to be creative, contact Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co at our five convenient locations.