Welding on Other Planets

You might have heard the news that NASA intends to explore nearby asteroids for metals. The more we learn about our cosmic neighbors in the solar system, the more people get to thinking – in both the public and private sectors – about how we might be able to profit off these planets. The interesting thing, as a welder, is that the composition of certain asteroids is much more valuable than a bunch of space gravel might be. Asteroid Psyche, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter in the main belt, is now believed by astronomers to be a nickel-iron core of a planet that either never formed fully, or once was whole and now is no longer. As your trusted supplier of welding equipment in Atlanta, Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co is interested in the application of all kinds of metals likes these for use by the welding professional.


The probe to Psyche out past Mars is set to depart in 2022. Such a venture has big price tags but goes hand in hand with an idea that if the asteroid really does turn out to be composed of such a valuable metal, then that can mean big business down on Earth. Estimates of the value of such a giant hunk of metal range into the quadrillions of dollars. That is, if we could somehow bring it all back to Earth and anyone would want to buy it when so plentiful! Of course, as welders, we can imagine some great uses for nickel. We’re revving up our GMAW and GTAW welding equipment just thinking about all the projects we could get underway. Remember that for nickel applications, you can use basically the same welding supplies you would use to tackle austenitic stainless steels. Do you have the new machines from Miller Welders that are right for the job? If not, you know who you to call for the right welding supplies in Atlanta GA.


The scientists won’t arrive on asteroid Psyche until after 2026, so for the time being we have to contend with the metals provided by our home planet. With mining around the world currently at a standstill due to the ongoing pandemic, metals are becoming more valuable. That puts welders like us in the spotlight as protectors of a precious commodity. We are proud of our role in the welding community and are grateful for the support of our customers of welding supplies in Atlanta GA.