Welding News: It’s On the Up and Up!

The welding news this month is basically the same as ever: it’s a go! Did you know the welding consumables market in 2018 in our country alone was worth almost $14 billion? That’s a lot of change going into the rods and flux you welders are burning up to keep your welding equipment going. This corner of the economics of welding includes your favorite welding supplies such as stick electrodes, solid wires, flux cored wires, and other more exotic fluxes like SAW wires, etc. As a welder you could probably guess the next category, but this market includes types of welding including arc welding, resistance welding, oxyfuel welding and even ultrasonic welding. Each of these popular ways to weld require the purchase of fluxes to get the job done cleanly.


Our purpose in listing out all these details is to give you a sense of how many fields you can count on to grow and grow as the need for welding supplies continues in the United States of America. Whether you want to go to work in the construction trades, or stand on an automotive assembly line, welding is in the works. From the vast energy market to the ever-needed shipbuilding trades, welders are being employed by the thousands. That doesn’t even include the more rarified domains like aerospace and other specialized industries such as medical equipment manufacturing. Welders are sought after even in a sometimes shaky economy. For students seeking new welding learning opportunities, campuses are popping up all over the country, from Georgia to California. These are funded by big companies keen on getting employees who know their welding stuff. Places like the Berks Technology Center Joint Operating Committee that alone awarded more than three million dollars of contracts to make great learning centers for future welders in Pennsylvania.  If you are a student welder, congratulations! If you are interested in becoming one, just call us at one of Sidney Lee’s five Atlanta, GA stores.