Welding Makes Financial Strides

Well, what do we always tell you, welding fans? At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Company we are always upbeat about the future of welding supplies in Atlanta, GA and beyond. We are experts in the field and love sharing our knowledge with you, fellow welders. More than that, however, is our optimism for the occupation. Pretty much regardless of how the economy in general may flow through ups and downs, the economics of welding are basically as rock-solid as an expertly done TIG weld on space-age titanium. Like we always say, whether we are talking about your Grandmother’s riveting with an oxy torch in WWII, or your nephew’s pulse welding equipment in a Georgia garage, the nation’s infrastructure just requires folks who know the trades.


Welding equipment is almost as diverse as the people who make use of it in the mechanical and construction trades. Torches from oxy-acetylene to GMAW to your basic stick welder can be found in shops across the country. We all know that TIG machines like those made by Miller welders are a certain upper level, for jobs that require finesse, and for finer metals that would burn away under your average welding arc. The big news on the welding equipment front this season comes out of Australia, where a company called K-TIG just listed on the public stock exchange for many millions of dollars.


According to their press release, the new machine “welds up to 100 times faster than a traditional TIG welder. It can achieve full penetration in a single pass in materials up to 16mm thick.” Color us impressed, especially in view of this welding machine’s ability to help you weld steel, nickel, titanium and even less common elements like zirconium. Tungsten Gas Arc Welding has just gotten an upgrade. Not only that, but as a business model, they have distinguished themselves with a new (and lucrative) licensing model called welding-as-a-service. Congrats to these welders from down under. If you need a TIG welder in the Atlanta, GA, call us at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Company today.