Welding in Three and Four Dimensions

Welding is one of those great multidimensional arts, though you might not think so at first glance. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA we know how to count our welding dimensions! The first dimension comes from those spots which you know how to lay on the weldment. That second dimension comes from the sheet metal you’re shaping together with your weld, be it a simple tack between two pieces or an oxy cut shape. With the classic butt weld at the joint between two metals to create a T shape, that brings us into the realm of three-dimensional shapes! Three dimensions remind us of that newest type of welding equipment, the 3D printer.


Wire arc additive manufacturing is one of the latest trends in advanced welding equipment methods. One European company is pioneering this tool to bring welding tech into modern bridge building. Utilizing its latest welding gas, the Institute of Steel Construction and Mechanics in Darmstadt Germany was able to effectively 3D-print a bridge by melting metal wires, stacking them lengthwise, and forming a bridge over a river. Call it a new take on an old arc weld.


That’s right, why stop welding at a mere three dimensions when you could utilize modern welding equipment to reach right into the fourth dimension? What are we talking about? Thermite. Weapons manufacturing has a way of being a cut above, and here it’s the same. What’s that fourth dimension, you ask? Time. Welds that respond to their environment over time could be called 4D, and that is what the author of “Soldered copper lap joints using reactive material architectures as a heat source” has done. She has created a printable thermite paste that is arranged in a way that reacts when lit. As a welder you can think of it as a welding flux dispenser that is also a weapon and also a time machine. Obviously, that makes it one of the best welding inventions we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA have ever heard of. For all your more normal welding needs, come on down to our five stores in the Atlanta region today!