Welding in the USA

Here at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Company in Atlanta, GA we are all about your success. That’s why we are confident that building up your skills in the mechanical and construction trades is one way to succeed in today’s economy. One of the most versatile skills you can acquire in these fields is to become an expert welder.


These days, the world press is abuzz with talk of metals. Mining, smelting, and producing important construction metals like aluminum and steel is obviously the backbone of much of the world economy. Did you know most of the aluminum we use comes from China? Russia is a close second in terms of world supply. These giant nations have a checkered past with our own when it comes to diplomacy and trade. Working out the best way to regulate what metals we import versus what we develop domestically is a big deal in today’s political climate. Things like tariffs and quotas are being implemented with the intention of helping American producers of raw metals. It’s controversial, and many local manufacturers think that we already have a pretty good situation worked out with our trade allies. As any welder knows, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Welding is used to manufacture new items like automobiles, and also to fix creations that have broken down. So whether we are headed to an economy with more or less aluminum and steel on hand, welders will be a crucial part of how we move forward. Just picture any sci-fi flick: it will likely feature either super-shiny futuristic objects that are joined together by some as-yet-unknown production method, or it will move in the opposite vein, with janky-looking but workable machines created out of rusty junkyard dreams. Either way, you know these things were made by welders. So either way, get your Miller welders in GA from Sidney Lee Welding Supply and be ready to manufacture and fix your way through any future.