Welding in the Film Industry

The film industry is one of the most exciting and reliable fields for welders. The opportunities are endless – from fabricating movie props, to building sets made from lightweight aluminum. TV or film sets made from aluminum need to look good, and only last for the duration of the production, not long term, like what would be required of using steel. Most welders in the film industry use MIG or TIG machines, such as those supplied by Miller welders, considered the preferred welding equipment on production sets or location. Call Sidney Lee Welding Supply if you have any questions about what equipment or materials you need on set when filming in the Atlanta, GA area.

What types of skills are required to work in the film industry, and what else might you build in the film industry, you might ask?

Fabricators wanting to work in the film industry – especially to create props – need to have several skills, including welding, electrical knowledge, mold making, sheet metal fabrication, and some hydraulics knowledge. Welders also rebuild cars and motorcycles to suit filming angles or to comply with safety regulations in the film industry. There are may surprising opportunities for welders in the film industry, so contact the knowledgeable staff at Sidney Lee Welding Supply to help you find the welding supplies required for an exciting job in the film industry.