Welding in Space

And now, a career that is truly “out there.” Ever heard of space welding? Well, these jobs are necessary when it comes to building space stations! But how does welding change when you take it to space? One advantage is that the gear you might normally have to use some muscle to move around is sure to float about you with ease in the absence of gravity. But a negative side effect is that the gas we use for welding won’t pressurize correctly out in space.


Enter a new way of welding. Electron beam welding requires a vacuum, instead of shielding gas, to weld. This way of working was established in space after our traditional welding techniques proved inadequate. But since those initial tests and the use of electron beam welding, we’ve discovered that lasers are the preferred way to join metals in space. At first, astronauts were lucky in that they have been able to use exciting, cutting-edge technology, such as a NASA-designed laser welding torch, which are engineered specifically for no-gravity welding work. But today, you can stop by a Sidney Lee Welding Supply store and purchase your own variable power laser handheld torch for welding work done on earth!

As always, as our need for better technology increases, we’re excited to see what new machines and equipment is pioneered. While some of these tools on the market can run upwards of six figures, we stay on top of the latest available in welding supplies so that we can provide you with the best fit for your work. Stop by Sidney Lee Welding Supply or give us a call and we’ll make a recommendation!