Welding in Lockdown

Well folks, if you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that the great State of Georgia, just like all the other states in the nation, is dealing with a pandemic situation. We at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA wish you safety and health in this Spring season. As ever, we are inspired by the resolve and creativity we see afoot in the welding community in this season of crisis. With an increasing number of students who wish to learn their way around welding equipment in Georgia now confined to their homes and unable to get their hands on that sweet tech by Miller Welders at school, an upsurge of online learning tools is inevitable. It’s also a good sign – though only a short-term fix.


Early news out of China reported that in order to maintain a strict stay-at-home policy, authorities were actually welding apartment doors shut. Well, as much as we like to see welding equipment play a heroic role in society, we prefer to see it happen in more friendly ways. That’s why at Sidney Lee Welding Supply, we encourage our student welders to keep their chops up while needing to remain at home and out of the classroom. Some intrepid welding educators have created topical content with the unlikely title of “Welding in the Kitchen.” We encourage you to look it up on your favorite online video channel and take up the welding equipment you didn’t expect to own (basically anything with a squeeze tube!). Of course, we leave it to you to balance your domestic needs with educational ones. Toothpaste, aerosol cheese, and your favorite cake frosting might all have uses outside of maintaining your manual welding skills – no need to be wasteful in a time of need.


If your “home quartermaster” approves its use, we support you squeezing out some “dimes” of old cinnamon toothpaste, the one you weren’t going to use anyway – especially if it’s to pour out on stale crackers or a deck of cards you never play. Otherwise, as the content creators said, “make your welds edible!” Also you could use a combination of “weldment” and “flux” that can be washed and repurposed once the lesson is compete. Ah, welding in the time of social change. As ever, call Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co for your welding supply needs. We are open, essential, and ready for your business at our five locations in the Atlanta, GA area.