Welding in 2020

When we look around, halfway through the year 2020, we find ourselves in a time of transition. Nobody knows change better than welders, we who take up the TIG torch among and other welding equipment to join metals in Atlanta, GA! It is our job to change pieces into wholes, rods into flux, and solids into liquids and back again. The welder is primed not only to ride out the changes, but to weld the way forward. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Company, from our five locations in Georgia including Macon, Douglasville, Conyers, and Hampton in addition to our flagship Atlanta store, we have the tools and welding supplies you need to complete your student, hobbyist, and professional welding work.


Browsing the headlines today, things could seem a little bleak. Transition, change and uncertainty are everywhere. The bedrock of our economy is based on industry, and welders have been a crucial layer of that echelon since the start of the 20th century. As ever, jobs need to be filled with newly eligible welders. Changing landscapes of employment can include a general shift toward automation including fully-automated lines of robotic welding machines operated by skilled and fully trained experts. That’s at the high end of one spectrum; one you could find yourself at with enough education and experience. On the other side of the spectrum is the down-to-earth, hands in the welding supplies kind of craftsperson who enjoys tacking, joining and shaping metals in all the ways they can form productive and helpful items for society. Fixing cars, repairing machines around the house, and taking care of community infrastructure all depend on neighborhood welders who know their way around Miller Welders MIG and stick welding machines.


Welding is just as needed as ever, we can assure you. Some programs might shift gears and focus, or cut back on some resources, but at the same time large grants continue to fund the bread and butter of welding education: the certificate program that gets welders out the door in six months or less with the know-how to start working with an elder and get stuff made. If you’re a student welder and you want to know more about the welding equipment supplies you need to succeed, call Sidney Lee today.