Welding Gases in Space

Welders use inert gases to power up their welding machines. Tools like Gas Metal Arc Welders and related welding equipment such as those made by Miller Welders are trusted by welders in Georgia to get the job done. Welding gases are usually a blend of oxygen and acetylene, or argon gases like those provided by Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA. We are proud to provide PurityPlus-certified welding gases for our clients throughout Georgia.


It has recently come to our attention that our favorite welding gases may even exist out there in space. Scientists modeling the worlds in orbit of Saturn have come up with a cool twist, though. In the extremely cold temperatures on the distant moon Titan, the familiar welding gas acetylene could blend with good old stove-lighting butane into new and unfamiliar crystals. In fact, researchers achieved this result by blending these common gases with another old standby welding gas, nitrogen, here in its liquid form. When they let this warm up into the gaseous form of nitrogen that we put into tanks for use in welding (and that is present in the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon), something unexpected happened. A new form of benzene molecules crystallized, creating special acetylene-butane co-crystals. These take the place of salt in the waters of Titan. Sounds like bathing in the lunar lakes out by Saturn could be fun for Earth’s welders one day!


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