Welding Gas in the Hospital

If there were one thing the entire world is probably thinking of all together right now, it would be oxygen. How sweet it is to breathe and feel our lungs full of respiration. In times like these, we can all express gratitude for the purity of whatever air we are able to breathe. Savor that springtime breeze wherever you are: oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (plus a few other elements we’d rather forget about). We at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co proudly stock the highest quality oxygen for use in welding gas in Georgia and around the country. We are a PurityPlus supplier of 02, C02, and argon gases as well as mixed gases like oxy-acetylene. If you haven’t already heard, PurityPlus is a family of independent specialty gas producers across the continent. We are proud to be a member of this network, which guarantees our welding gases are nothing but the best for our clients.


Here we are in Spring, 2020 and everyone is talking about medical equipment of all kinds. Specifically, machines that assist people’s respiration are much sought-after items in the industry. Automotive billionaire Elon Musk was recently generous enough to donate 1,000 respirators to his home state of California. All of these machines require pure, medical-grade oxygen to supply patients with the element most essential to life as they make their recoveries. While you might think of Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co for our wide selection of welding equipment, don’t forget that we also are in the business of filling and maintaining welding gas in Georgia in containers of all sizes, from 20- and 50-lb. cylinders to bulk and storage tanks.


At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co, our PurityPlus-grade welding gases are available in the size you need for your job, whether to fuel your oxy-acetylene welding equipment, to fizz up your latest brewery concoction, or to provide your patients with medical grade oxygen. We also supply nitrous oxide for dental applications, liquid nitrogen for cryogenics, and specialty mixed gases for laboratory research facilities. Contact us at any of our five Atlanta, GA area locations to get your welding gases, for pick-up or delivery!