Welding Gas Gives Guinness its Head

Most of the time, when we sit back after a hard day operating welding equipment in Atlanta, GA, many of us like to relax with a fizzy beverage of some kind. Whether alcoholic or a softer soda, these wonderful thirst quenchers owe their pep to welding gases. Obviously carbonated beverages in general receive their bubbles from old-fashioned carbon dioxide gas (CO2). Here let’s turn our attention to that extra-special blend of welding gases that makes beers like Guinness really pop.


If you want to foam up an Irish stout in the style of Guinness beer for your own home brew, or at the bar that you order all the gases for, Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co has the highest quality welding gas in Atlanta, GA that you need for the job.

If your goal is to make your Guinness flow like you’re back on the Emerald Isle, be sure you’ve got the gear before you get the gas. For a true foam experience, you will require a special set of tools. First, you may have already noticed that your bartender pulls a special faucet when she fills your Guinness glass. That’s because they require a restrictor disc that creates the right flow through the faucet to pour that heady stout. For the Nitro stout you’ll also require a special (usually) Nitrogen gas tank (yes, even though you’ll be using a specialty gas mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen), with a Nitrogen regulator and special faucet as mentioned. Also, be sure you’ve got the right keg coupler for Guinness’ design, unique in the beverage industry. Once these details are taken care of, you’ve got the basics in place to order the specialty welding gases for your Atlanta, GA home brewery or bar.


Of course, there is a lot more to home brewing than getting the right gear. Be sure you are an educated DIY brewer before ever trying to operate the welding equipment necessary to start-up your tank of welding gas. Yep, I know we are just talking about beer kegs here, but that’s a lot of pressure in the tank. Besides, you don’t want to blow up your latest microbrew. For the best welding gas in Atlanta GA contact any of the five local stores operated by Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co.