Welding Gas: Argon

We at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co are proud to supply our customers with a fine range of welding supplies and equipment. Did you know that we also stock an incredible array of welding gases in Atlanta, GA too? We provide our clients with the finest CO2, pure oxygen, and argon gas in Georgia. As you know, consistent supply of welding gases is crucial for a range of welding applications, from oxy-acetylene cutting to cranking up the shielding gas on your GMAW or MIG box from Miller Welders. We also enjoy getting our PurityPlus quality tanks out to customers in the medical, scientific, and food and beverage industries, too.


For any welder beyond the hobbyist level, there is a need for quality welding gas. Whether you’re operating a MIG or TIG welder, the key is that inert gas. Shielding gases are what prevents over-oxidization that can weaken even the best laid weld. That is why purity of gas is necessary to ensure a steady flow of protection around the gun. The most common welding gases are argon, helium, carbon dioxide and oxygen, including specialized blends. Blended gases provide the machinist with the right burn temp to dial in the right heat for the job. It all depends on the type of weldment you’re working on. For example, running pure argon gas in GA won’t get you very far if you’re welding steel with your MIG torch. That will run the risk of weakened joints and loss of ductility. That’s why our PurityPlus welding gases include all the blended gases you need. Also, our expert technicians can recommend you the right set of tanks to operate in tandem for your welding application.


As always, learning how to set up your welding equipment in Georgia is crucial for safety and success. That includes knowing the right products and welding supplies for the kind of work you do. Argon gas is best used for pure applications like welding aluminum alone with your MIG machine. Ferrous metals like stainless steel will be better welded with a mixed gas like 25% CO2 and 75% argon gas. The bead will penetrate more deeply into the joint simply because argon itself runs too cool to get your ferrous metal fully welded. So for your best choices in mixed welding gas in Atlanta, GA call Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co today!