Welding Flourishes as Trade Schools on the Rise

Welding Flourishes as Trade Schools on the Rise

Here at Sidney Lee we always tell our student customers that welding is as rock solid a career choice as you can make. In today’s economy, you will want to choose a job that has support from institutions like governments and universities. That’s because they tend to have experts with their fingers on the pulse of the economy. Where the big money goes, the opportunity follows–or already is well established. Definitely, it looks like the big guns are voting for investing in welding equipment and training up and down the continent, and across the world, for that matter.


One of the stand-bys for those of us who didn’t learn to weld as kids in pop’s garage is to go to trade school. These schools make great options because they are widespread, and are more affordable than college options. Anyway, a certificate is often all a new welder needs to set foot in the professional shop. Not to minimize the dedication it can take to get this accomplishment under your belt; it will still set you back at least half a year (for an intensive program) and a few thousand bucks. Let’s take a look at what trade schools have to offer the modern user of welding equipment in Georgia and beyond.


The newest schools to open are doing so flush with investments by foundations and governments. They are able to purchase the latest high-tech welding equipment for their students to learn how to operate. This is definitely one of the draws, year in and year out, of joining a well-funded and well-organized program in welding: they have the tools you’ve seen online and have been raring to get your gloved hands on. MIG and TIG welders, Plasma cutters, and the top of the line ventilators from Miller Welders are the just the start. One of the latest trends in welding tech is to network machines with student profiles so that each welder can have their specs in the cloud. This is not your grandfather’s welding equipment. Welding the networked way, you can even get an overall sense of how you are welding from a technical standpoint: how your amperage flowed, how much flux or welding gas was consumed, and how long each joint took to weld, as well as your trends over time. Of course this has great educational applications too, for the teacher to have your progress and efficiency at a glance.


With new alloys being developed every year, a welder’s task gets more complex as the profession gets more versatile. The welding student at a modern trade school will be exposed to the proper theory and method of how to utilize welding equipment with each update to the tools of our trade. New welding options got you stumped? Call the friendly experts at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in the Atlanta, GA region today.