Welding Equipment Spotlight: Helmets

Few things are more important than a good welding helmet in this industry. Without it, welders face many physical risks, including blindness caused by the ultraviolet and infrared rays made by the arc. While many welders start out with a basic helmet as they are learning, it’s a good idea to keep up with the developing trends in protective equipment and upgrade as you work more. Today, we’re gonna talk about auto-darkening helmets and why you may want to consider investing in one!


Maybe you’ve grown accustomed to the quick neck movement required to drop the shield of your welding helmet before you begin your work. But what if your helmet allowed you to see while your welding machine was off? We love auto-darkening helmets because they help welders start out strong. Even with a ton of practice, the movement that lowers your welding shield may cause your hands to shift slightly, causing your weld to begin in a different spot than you intended. With Auto-Darkening helmets, you can keep your eyes and hands focused exactly where you want to start.


If that’s not enough to spark your interest, there are many more reasons to consider making the switch. First and foremost is the comfort of these helmets. If you think about how many hours you spend welding, it becomes increasingly clear that having comfortable, well-fitted protective gear is essential to your performance. Auto-Darkening helmets come with a multitude of potential adjustments to make sure your gear fits exactly the way you need. Furthermore, the technology included in these helmets will take your welding to the next level! True color perception helps welders read the puddle they are working with and create better bead placement. Sensitivity functions automatically adjusts the amount of light entering the shield, helping you switch between welds without stopping. Many more functions identify these helmets as an absolute must-have for professional welders. When you’re ready to take yours for a test run, come to the nearest Sidney Lee Welding Supply store and talk to a member of our team!