Welding Education Review

The art and science of welding is a varied field, with so many subjects and nuances that it may surprise you how unstandardized the process of learning to weld can be. If you are a student of welding, or a would-be student, you may wonder what you should learn in order to master the welding equipment you yearn to work with professionally. Let’s take a look and survey the welding world to see what essential elements crop up across the range of educational choices of trade schools, community colleges, and on-the-job training that make people into welders across America. As one article in The Fabricator recently pointed out, there is no standard curriculum for student welders.


Some of the bigger welding organizations have had their say about what turns a student welder into a professional. The National Center for Welding Education and Training is one of these. WELD-ED draws from the institutions and experts in their organization to devise some idea of what a student should have in their minds to ensure their hands are skilled with welding equipment. This comes down to training with

  • GTAW
  • SMAW
  • GMAW
  • FCAW
  • Cutting
  • How to Read Print Designs

Once a student grasps each of these welding concepts, then we can assume they will be able to hit the ground running when given a welding machine on the job. Yet as far as instruction goes, we don’t believe any standards can be applied across the board, since each expert welding instructor can apply his or her knowledge as fits the audience.


For example, depending on the industry being served and the region of the country involved, curriculum can vary. If you are learning to weld in Omaha, chances are you will want to master the tools you need to work on large-scale applications like oil pipelines, while if you are in San Jose you might want to get technical with micro-welding to work on the latest smartphone innovation. We here in Atlanta, GA know a bit about everything, or so we like to think! If you have questions about what you need to succeed with your welding education, contact the friendly experts at Sidney Lee Welding Supply.