Welding Education Keeps Growing in USA

Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co is happy to note that welding education is flourishing like crops in the Spring of 2020 from Atlanta GA to Spokane WA! Better still, agencies within government and the private sector keep funneling large amounts of money into ensuring that welding education keeps growing, too. We always say that now is the right time to learn welding, so let’s take a look at some new and exciting opportunities to become a student welder today!


Great news from the national front is that the National Science Foundation has invested more than half a million dollars in a single college’s new welding program. That’s a pretty significant vote of confidence by a government body in support of education for welding equipment! Specifically, this grant will go to helping a Pennsylvania college offer a certificate and an associate’s program in welding. We love to see educational options grow, especially in those less-expensive non-4-year-degree programs. What does the NSF see in the future of welding? This grant supports teaching non-destructive testing, which is a part of the knowledge of welding inspection, including radiography (x-rays) and ultrasound. This uses one of the subtlest types of welding equipment in order to determine strength of weldments without having to slice one open with a plasma cutter, saw, or ray gun. With the NSF’s funding in place, students of welding will have better access to gaining these skills and therefore have the ability to graduate with a one- or two-year certificate or degree and get on the road to welding inspection.


Such a great influx of cash for welding ed is really important right now, as we see a great need for expert welders across the country. With better advanced education in place, better welders will get to work tomorrow. The 2-year program in PA will be housed in the largest welding school built to-date! Cool. We hope it fills up with eager young welders soon. For all the student welders in Georgia and beyond, Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co offers the latest welding supplies in five stores throughout the Atlanta, GA region!