Welding Education Continues to Thrive

Nobody wants to be the guy who welded those Jeep Wranglers. You know, the ones with all the beads missing
and front racks made from metal lacking proper penetration, from poorly operated welding equipment in Georgia and other states that produce automobiles on assembly lines. So to avoid making stuff that could cause future “death wobbles”, it’s a great idea to learn how to weld from the best. At Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co in Atlanta, GA we have the welding supplies you need to get the best welds done, whatever kind of shop you work out of.


One welding educator has soared to the top of the pack nationwide. The Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence is now offered annually to encourage trades education in public schools. We love to see this kind of thing take off, and are happy to report that one dedicated welding instructor from Missouri has taken home the gold. Lots of it: one hundred grand, split between his school district and his own bank account. Brent Trankler has a Masters of Science and another in administration. So teaching welding at a Career and Technology Center is a dream come true, and once he is equipped to succeed at. Getting his introductory students to grasp the basics of shielded metal arc welding equipment is his first goal. Then, after an internship the more advanced students get to create real projects that build confidence as well as practical welded objects.
We look forward to seeing what his school will do with all that cash.


Did you know that the American Welding Society predicts a lack of one half a million professional welders in just two years from now? That’s 500,000 students who should be trained to operate welding supplies, in Georgia and every other state and territory in the nation. It’s a good thing that interested young adults can choose from many options, public and private, to rev up their welding engines. And for all the welding supplies in Atlanta, GA
you need to keep your education humming along the road to success, just visit any of the five locations Sidney
Lee Welding Supply Co operates nearest to you