Welding Continues to be a Growth Market

Is welding invincible? It seems to be, and in even more ways than weldments that last forever. Market forecasts in tons of industries are sending the financial people scurrying in light of a year of pandemics and pandemonium. Yet according to Yahoo Finance, one sector of the welding supplies industry that currently measures in the hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide is set to explode into the billion-dollar field through the next year and into 2024. Virus or not the international welding controllers market seems to be growing exponentially. This subset of welding equipment includes spot welding and seam welding controllers in use for automotive, electronics, heavy machinery, and aerospace and defense applications.


As readers of Sidney Lee’s blog know, welding is a varied field that provides numerous economic opportunities in diverse arenas. For that reason, growth is expected despite the jitters felt by certain other fields today. From global seam welding to friction stir welding, growth is projected to surge. Ultrasonic welding is one to watch for among welding equipment industries in 2020. As the need for mask manufacturing becomes a new universal around the world, welding is there to meet even this gentle production trend. Welders aren’t weavers, but ultrasonic welders utilize special welding equipment to bond unwoven materials together quickly.


Ultrasonic welding is at the vanguard of the immediate response for personal protective equipment on the frontlines of the pandemic. Unlike your favorite MIG or TIG welding machine from Miller welders, ultrasonic welding is accomplished through high vibrations that magnify heat within the materials to be joined. No arc is possible, of course, when working with textiles and other non-metallic weldments. This really is a stroke of genius that benefits the medical industry and its customers, not to mention the general public. This fascinating trend in textile welding is one reason to look for the industry to remain relevant throughout the coming century. We’ll be sure to look at this technology in more depth in future posts. Until then, we at Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co wish you a safe and healthy summer, and as ever remain your place for welding supplies in Atlanta, GA.