Welding Cloth for Public Safety

Sidney Lee Welding Supply in Atlanta, GA salutes our font-line workers in the healthcare and first responder fields, especially those who have put their lives on the line for the public health crisis of 2020. And while many of these professionals utilize tools created by welding equipment in one way or another, today we want to focus on an unexpected kind of technology designed by welders. Textiles might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of welding equipment in Georgia, but we are glad to inform you that even the world of textiles has been innovated by advancements in welding supplies.


On the one hand, it’s kind of amusing that in the most advanced technological civilization the world has ever known, we are addressing a health crisis with simple materials like cloth, plastic, and paper. Where are our individual Darth Vader masks, or at least adapted lightweight welding hoods from our friends at Miller Welders? As we mentioned in a recent blog, one way that high-tech has met the moment is at the micro-level, with ultrasonic welding. This is a way to create nonwoven fabrics, which are a step up from the knitted, woven, and sewn fabrics that bedeck many of the handmade-mask wearing fashionistas who have created the year’s unexpected trend during COVID-19. Here, instead of wool or cotton, nonwoven welds are made from plastics like polypropylene.


When you think of Personal Protective Equipment, you probably think of disposable paper mesh masks and long plastic gowns. In the world of welding equipment which manufactures PPE, the key word is thermoplastic. These are plastics that respond to heat, such as that created by welding equipment – which, in this case, is of the ultrasonic variety. Unlike your TIG welder, these welding machines use no consumables. That makes these less expensive in a certain sense, and also create less waste.