Welding Career Training

When you think of welding education, don’t let your list stop at high school and college students learning to weld. Continuing Education is a great and established way for adults to get the skills they need to learn their way around welding equipment. Thirty-somethings and older can find the way out of their present career rut through picking up a good old welding torch. Over in California, the San Diego Continuing Education department even offers free welding certification. Five of them, actually: students may specialize in Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal and Flux Cored Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, or Pipe Welding and Fabrication… for free! As long as the students are dedicated to their welding studies, they will gain the skills and certification, too, to pursue a second career as a much sought after professional welder.


Another innovative way educators are bringing students to welding is through the dual-enrollment program. This is a way for high school students to access community college training before they graduate. With so many quality welding programs offered at community college campuses across Georgia and the nation, this is a superb way to open the field to the young. One plus side is that, as the cost of college gets more inaccessible in general while welding wages rise, this allows the high school aged student to graduate with a very marketable skill. According to the American Welding Society, starting wage for a welder is $15, or about twice the minimum wage. If accepted to dual enrollment, students may see their fees waived while they work toward certification. This sure is a win-win situation for young welders!


On the topic of welding and money, other young welders in the South have found their skill to be a ticket to college funding. One welding academy in Arkansas offers competitions with scholarships up to $15,000 for the winners. For all of your student welding equipment needs, head on over to the location of Sidney Lee Welding Supply Co nearest to you in the Atlanta, GA area. Our experts know what will get you ahead in the welding field.