Welding Career Spotlight: Pipefitting

Have you ever heard of the job Pipefitting? We’re not surprised if not, but we certainly wish it was a more widely known career option. On the list of rewarding and financially stable jobs, Pipefitting is far up there! So, what does it take to become a Pipefitter and what’s required in the work? We’re here to share all with you so read on.


It’s all in the name! Pipefitters are responsible for installing and caring for pipes. In this country, pipelines are incredibly important for manufacturing, as well as industrial and commercial industries. These pipes, which can carry anything from chemicals to gas, have to be maintained properly to avoid contamination and other major issues. That’s where the Pipefitters come in, providing routine care for pipes to ensure things run smoothly and safely.


If you’re interested, you’re in luck. In the world of Pipefitting, there are often more job openings than there are welders to fill them. Because demand is so great, pay is also impressive. Entry-level positions can start anywhere between $17 and $33 an hour, with huge increases possible as your skills develop. And even better, if you don’t yet have the skills for this position, there’s more good news. Many educational programs and welding schools offer scholarships to help new welders gain the tools they need to qualify for this career.

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