Welding Camps Around Country Inspire Youth

School season might be gearing up, but its never too early to start planning for next summer! If you know a teenager who wants to follow in your welding footsteps in the Atlanta, Georgia area, there are a number of welding camps for youth as young as aged twelve, all around the country! A simple internet search will yield one of more than a dozen camps that may serve your local area. With fun names like Nuts, Bolts, and Thingamajigs, Youth Welding Boot Camp, Tinkering School, and The Steel Yard Summer Camp, these programs are meant to engage young students who seek to learn a craft. Many of these programs are funded by local welding foundations or welding colleges.


Often summer camps with a focus on welding will start younger elementary-aged kids on their journey with safer ways to build manual skill, such as textile, clay, or woodshop. Then by the time they are in Middle School, students may gain real experience working with welding equipment. From their first time wearing a welding helmet, to the first glow of an actual welding torch, kids get to see how their creativity can work with the metal materials all around them. Older students will get the hang of operating basic welding equipment such as MIG welding machines like those made by Miller Welders. Whether or not kids choose to become welders in their career as adults, they will at least learn helpful skills to become Mr. or Ms. Fixit around their house and neighborhood.


We can see welding’s bright future in these camps’ growing success. A few also focus on building up the confidence of young girls by teaching them welding skills. Camps like Girl Tech in Wisconsin bring girls to the field to prepare them for a high-paying career, or at least a new skill they can apply to whatever they choose to do later in life. Hands-on skills are combined with science lessons to give these youth an established education that even prepares them to enter certain certification programs during or after their high school education. If you think your kids would benefit from welding camp, why not come down to your local Sidney Lee Welding Supply store and check out the student gear we have in stock at any of our five Atlanta, GA locations, to get them started with welding today.